Persian Poetry Night

I attended OU’s Persian Poetry Night and it was very nice. The poetry night consisted of students in various Arabic classes reading famous Arabic poetry and then the same poem translated in English. The event also had traditional Arabic foods. The food was all very good which pleasantly surprised me since I’m not usually one to be adventurous with foods, and tend to stick to chicken fingers and fries for every meal. The venue was decorated to mirror the Persian culture, and the environment made me feel apart of the group and immersed in the culture. The poetry was mostly about love, nature, heartbreak, and personal growth. The language barrier made it somewhat challenging to enjoy the poetry because I could not understand the Arabic language, and the translations were not 100% accurate. Therefore, I couldn’t truly embrace the various poems’ full meanings. However, the arabic language is beautiful, and I was very impressed with the students performing the poetry because they made speaking Arabic seem so easy and natural. The judges at the event all expressed a common interest in the Perisan poet Hafez, and this event helped me gain an interest in learning more about foreign poets. I hope to attend more Arabic Flagship events in the future.

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