Journey Programs Launch Party

I attended the Journey Programs Launch Party in order to learn more about the Journey Programs and their study abroad opportunities. The featured programs were Journey to Tanzania, Journey to China, Journey to Brazil, and Journey to Italy. The presentation of each program was very intriguing and each program had interesting classes and great travel plans. In Journey to Italy, students would visit cities such as Arezzo, Rome, Venice, Florence, and Pompei, and experience Italy’s finest art. The Italy program also featured a “Understanding Italian Architecture through Film” class that I thought was very interesting and would love to experience. The Journey to Brazil program featured time in Rio De Janeiro, various islands, and learning about the environmental and intellectual history of Brazil. I was interested in the Latin American Environmental History class because I was completely unaware that Brazil had a rich environmental history. While The China, Italy, and Brazil all seemed like great programs that would offer a great experience, I was most interested in Journey to Tanzania. I believe I was drawn to this program because it was the most unique and included time with a host family in Arusha, which would greatly enhance the experience by being able to fully immerse yourself in the culture. The Tanzanian program also included a visit to Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam, Mount Kilimanjaro, and a safari to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. I talked in great detail to a student who attended the Tanzania trip, and the professors and they were all so passionate about its rich experience. This event has brought to my attention that I wish to study abroad in Africa and look forward to it.

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