This semester, I took Women and Gender Studies. This class was truly eye opening and made me think of my womanhood in an entirely new way. The most impactful thing I learned throughout this course was the ideal of intersectionality. Intersectionality is the “understanding of how women’s overlapping identities including race, class, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation impact the way they experience oppression and discrimination.” As a person who desires to travel the world and embrace cultures of all sorts, it is vital I understand intersectionality and the plights of women everywhere. While I am a feminist, and stand for everything feminism is, modern American feminism in my opinion does not do enough to address the plights of women around the world. Women from other countries, women of color, and women with differing gender identities and sexual orientations are often not included or thought of when discussing women’s issues. This is damaging in the sense that it causes division among women. Inclusion is everything when trying to better society’s view and treatment of women. In saying all of this, as I travel the world I plan to take note of how each culture and society treats their women. Additionally, I plan to do better and not simply think about bettering my own experience as a woman, but bettering the experiences of women everywhere.  I strongly hold to the belief that unless the women’s movement is working to help and benefit all women, that no women are truly gaining anything.


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