Global Engagement Day: Non-Traditional Study Abroad

I attended the non-traditional study abroad session on Global Engagement Day. While the majority of students study abroad in Western Europe, the students presenting at this session traveled to places outside the norm, such as Tanzania, Uganda, Cambodia, Ecuador, and Israel. It was very intriguing to hear about the student’s experiences in these places that I know so little about. The students talked about how much they loved and embraced the cultures of these countries that were so different from their own. I found it the most interesting that almost all students presenting had done some sort of internship during their time. Felicia discussed how she able to give back to the people of Uganda by taking part in a water sanitation project, and Tanner discussed his work in Cambodia at a startup company. Hearing their excitement and passion for the projects they were able to work on was very encouraging to me. I hope when I study abroad that I am able to take part in an internship or public service project as well! I am also very interested in going to Tanzania, so I enjoyed hearing about Holly’s time with her host family and her adventures in Tanzania. I believe living with a host family is a great way to truly learn as much about the country, and have the best experience possible. Altogether the non-traditional study abroad session was a great motivator. I too wish to travel and study outside Western Europe and the usual places people choose, however the unknown is frightening and fills me with doubt. After this session and hearing the students’ great experiences, I am confident that I can travel to the places I’ve always dreamed.


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