Arabic Talent Show

The Arabic Talent Show was a great show with many entertaining acts put on by the Arabic Flagship Program. The show opened with a high energy dance routine. I loved the dancers sequined outfits and the way their energy was able to manifest into the crowd. The next “act” was a video made by students in which they depicted common cultural differences between Americans and those of Arabic descent. One part within the video depicted a girl turning down an elder’s offer of Arabic food, which caused much irritation from the elder. This part was comical and relatable because my grandma too becomes very irritated if you turn down her food and almost forces you to eat it. I noted this as a cultural similarity. A few students recited original poetry in Arabic, the most memorable being a poem about how Arabic had taken a ginger student’s soul. I truly wished I understood Arabic throughout the show because I would’ve been able to understand more of the comedic elements. Another memorable act was titled “Milk vs. Milk.” This act highlighted the differences in the Egyptian dialect of Arabic versus the Moroccan dialect. I found this act to be very interesting because I had no idea that there were two forms of Arabic with words of complete different or opposite meanings. Lastly, my favorite part of the talent show was the drum and guitar act in which two men played traditional Arabic music. The harmonies and sounds were so rhythmic and beautiful. All in all, the talent show was a great experience that I’m so happy I was able to partake in. I have much respect and admiration of the Arabic Flagship Program and loved seeing all their work, accomplishments, and how the entire program is truly one big family.

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